2.5: Where to select color for Vertex Painting?

I can’t for the life of me find where to change the color or brush type of vertex painting (NOT texture painting) in Blender 2.5.

Going into vertex paint mode and brushing on an object will put a very faint orangish tinge to it, and that’s all. It was fairly obvious in the 2.49x, but I’m not seeing it anywhere in 2.5.

Any help?

Hit “T” to bring up the toolbox. All the brush options are in there.

Brilliant, thanks!

Shouldn’t people actually read the release notes when you start using a significant program change which highlights the general changes to how blender is set out.


Indeed they should, but after reading them, it didn’t mention this specific thing. I might have lucked out and stumbled across it had I read it, but…

I will read them for future reference though, and thanks for the tip.