2.5 won't function under WIndows 7

So I just got Windows 7 installed, and go to start working on a project (That I need finished within the next couple days btw. So a speedy response would be much appreciated!) But Blender 2.5 does this to me.

Every build I have tried has done the exact same thing. Any help?


Update your graphics drivers to be compatible with windows 7
If you have to do something that is so critical, why are you making significant changes to your OS ?


Thanks man, I knew it had to be something simple I was missing. Downloading now.

As for why, Vista was stalling and pissing me off to the point where I couldn’t do anything. So I just got back from holidays yesterday, and decided to install 7 (Which I got for Christmas.) So you know, bad timing mainly.

I saw that rendering behavior today when trying to run opengl over Remote Desktop. I suspect this means using the stock microsoft opengl driver which clearly isn’t enough for blender 2.5 at least.

However, changing the Blender User Preferences->System->Window Draw Mechanism from Triple buffered to Overlap eliminated this problem. Didn’t feel that speedy but basic function was restored.

(Yay…i helped someone – been having so much fun w/Blender it’s nice to give back).

You don’t use alpha’s for time critical projects.