2.50 and the 16 Material Limit?

Will 2.50 remove the 16 material limit? I can’t imagine this hasn’t been discussed before, and so I apologize for my poor search skills forcing me to ask…

I doubt that is a goal - 2.5 is the event refactor that will allow the customization of the ui and the creation of tools and macros. That is an intense job in itself.

16 material limit?!? :confused: i missed something?

A single mesh can use up to 16 materials.
For those who use this feature, 16 materials per mesh can be quite limiting, as it is often desirable to have 17 … hundred.

There is a workaround to use unlimited number of materials in one object using black/white masking and nodes. It’s not the most comfortable way to do it, but if it’s really needed to have more materials it could help. Here is a quick example of node setup:

(Click to enlarge)

The first mixed ones are red and green, then added the yellow one, and as the yellow one, infinite materials could be added.


That sphere spinning probably will give us a headache.

Oh, thanx Neonstarlight, i didn’t know that but, imho, it seems to me 16 material per mesh is good enough, isn’t it?

not really no. when importing/exporting it has to be worked around all the time.

For games environment work I’ve found it incredibly inconvenient when working within blender as I often want to combine multiple meshes into one or split a mesh into many. The material handling is a big pain in these cases…