2.50 svn

Okay, I just decided that it was time I tried one of the 2.5 svns. It’s the newest Smoke Simulator one.
So I downloaded it, and opened it up…
And I am baffled by this interface. For one thing, the default screen is not how I usually have mine set up. (I usually have it set up like the default in older versions.)
So, I tried to join some of the windows, the dialogue didn’t pop up. I then saw the little icons in the corners of each windows, and thought that this may be how. I clicked, and found that I could split windows this way. But I still can’t figure out how to join.

Finally figured how to join. Turned on “Emulate Numpad”, cause I’m on my laptop, and that’s not working. I also can figure out how to change the position of headers. Also, could someone point me in the direction of smoke sims. I thought that would be in the physics branch, but no such luck.

Check This Out:


The smoke sim is a modifier and can be found among the modifiers . You can go here http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=158317&page=6 and download the example blend in the middle of the page, and you might want to read san’s post for setting up a somewhat faster sim (towards the bottom of page) … because the example is really slow even on decent setups …

And for future reference if you don’t know how to so something in the new UI switch the Outliner to show the rather dense new keymap … the first few categories (windows/screens) show how they are currently mapped and if they are at all and functional .

Thanks guys. The new UI is so confusing. In animation, I noticed that escape doesn’t stop animation. That’s kind of annoying. Also, what happened to the IPO editor?

I think the right click menu we are used to is hidden in those little chevron TABs in the corner of each window. Play around with those to setup your work space.