(2.53) "Alt+A" Won't Start from Playhead! Help!


I’m using 2.53 for aniamtions and so far love it, but when I press ‘Alt+A’ to see what I’m working on, it keeps starting from frame 1 or whatever I have the starting frame set to. Previous versions of Blender would a start from wherever the playhead was positioned along the timeline. Does anyone know how to fix this? It’s quite annoying.

I’m seeing the old behavior with Alt A where animations start from the current frame. I’m using 2.52 r30593. Sorry that I can’t be of more help.

For some reason it is now working for me. I have no clue why it wasn’t before. No matter what I did (including switching to the alternative Start/End frame feature) it would just start at the very beginning. But now it starts from wherever the playhead is. I keep running into mysterious things in 2.5x and have no idea how to recreate the problem. Well, as long as I get past it we’re good. hehe