2.53 Beta Animation Not Working

For some reason for me, after rendering an animation in 2.53 Beta, Ctrl F11 does nothing. The render tab doesn’t do anything either. I’ve tried changing the animation player but that did nothing too. What could be the problem?

I think it just does not work , if I remember its the same in 2.52

the default in the user-preferences is
to use the player of

that will only work, if you have an “older” blender-2.4 installed and
it is executable.
You can setup another player - like mplayer for videos -
problem is to replay a sequence of single picture-frames,
mplayer cannot replay - but there are other players available …

if someone wants to use the older blender-2.4
it runs a video like this:
blender-bin -a -f 24 1.0 /tmp/0001_0030.avi
called from the inside of blender-2.53, where “blender-bin” is the old blender-executable.