2.53 beta obj export

Hi folks,

I’m using blender 2.53 beta and would like to export my animation to a sequence of object (.obj) files. I had no trouble doing this with blender 2.49, but 2.53 seems to ignore the “All Animation” option in the export dialog. It creates a single .obj file only. Am I doing something wrong here? I’m pretty stuck. Any help would greatly be appreciated.


Probably not, I’ve never got it to work in any 2.5 build.

Thanks for the quick reply. We are currently developing a simple flash-based game engine (Monkey Island style avatars with walk-cycle animations for front/back and side views). The project is in a very early stage of planning and prototyping. We are looking for a stable and well supported 3d-format that can be imported or converted to our engine’s internal format. Despite collada being a very heavy format with many features we don’t require we maybe will have a look at blender 2.5’s collada exporter. Do you know if collada export is stable enough for this kind of task?