2.53 Beta or 2.49 stable?

Ok soooo I’m a noob to this stuff, and I’m kinda confused as to which version I should download, I hear the Beta version is way different than 2.49. As a beginner do you think I should start with the older version or should I get the beta version so I can start learning with the new interface? Thanks - Shane

I would start with 2.5 …

The 2.53 Beta is now at the blender.org site for download:


In all formats.

For buckets of excellent ( free via Vimeo ) Tutes in 2.5 go no further than:

Thats my two cents

Learn the new version. There isn’t much missing compared to 2.49, especially for someone new to Blender and 3D.

Definitely the beta.

I’d say start with 2.5 beta. The 2.49b UI is enough to scare away newbies and 2.5 have most of the things that 2.49 had and a little bit more.

Start with the beta, then after learning the basics and the interface you should be able to easily use the more numerous 2.49 tutorials because the interface hasn’t really changed so much as moved. Once you know where everything is there isn’t a big difference and you should be able to figure it out.

i started with 2.49and didnt find it to difficult. then again im far from being an expert. plus theres so many tutorials for 2.49 it make sit easy.im DLin 2.5 beta now though

Wow, thanks for a ton for all the advice :slight_smile: I’ll use beta for now.