2.53 copy from console?

in 2.53 how do you copy all the text from the python console

i tried to make a Box elect and copy to clipboard but it does not take all the text
so how do you do that now ?


I don’t manage to select Text, too.

can anybody confirm this is a bug or another way to do it ?


yet no answer to this problem (I’m having the same in 2.56.3)?

You may want to use a more recent copy of Blender. I can’t vouch for earlier versions, but the 2.56a beta and the builds after that all have allowed me to select and copy text from the Python console.

As I said, I’m using 2.56.3
sorry, problem is not console (it works actually) but info window…

Ah… do this then:

  • Right-click the line in Info that you want to copy. It should be highlighted (you just selected it, like you select other things in Blender).
  • Ctrl+C
  • Paste anywhere you want to paste the text. I tested it in the Blender Text Editor and it worked fine

yep, I was trying with apple’s command+c to no avail. Thanks, with ctrl+c works :slight_smile: