2.53 crashes while rendering animation


I suppose I am just discovering the “joys” of unstable beta software, but all of a sudden when I try to render an animation in 2.53, Blender will unpredictably crash after rendering anywhere from 5 to 80 frames.

I suspect it is simply a symptom of instability, but if anyone has some tips that could help, I’d love to hear them.



Not sure what’s causing your animation to crash, but I switched to rendering my animations out to PNG files instead of AVI or MOV files. That way if the render crashes, I can resume rendering at the frame number the last crash started.

If you’re concerned about the heavy filesize of PNGs, you could render out as JPG files. Works like a charm for me.

I render to individual PNGs as well :slight_smile: It is simply annoying that I have to relaunch Blender every time it crashes.

Out of memory? Does the console tell you what went wrong?

I’m on Ubuntu so Blender doesn’t run out of a console by default so I don’t know. Next time I render, I’ll run Blender out of a console and see what it says. Thanks for the tip, it may help :slight_smile:

edit: On second thought, Blender is crashing. So the console would die with it right? So no way of telling what is says :frowning: