2.53 issues

This is odd i was working on 2.53 last night and i just ran it again and now the user pref pops up when it starts and will freeze blender if i directly close it. so in order to close it i have to click on the background so it goes behind blender then close it.

The other issues is now my previous scene that i made last night some how has become the default start and if i click new it just loads my scene instead of default cube.

should i reinstall blender or is this a feature that some how got turned on that i just need to turn off?

You saved your scene as the default startup either by pressing the ‘Save as Default’ button in the User Preferences or pressing Ctrl+U at some point. You can reset to the factory defaults from the file menu, File / Load Factory Settings, and then press Ctrl+U to save that as the default startup.

oh yeah i bet i hit ctrl+u instead of ctrl+j when joining mesh.

thx richard for the help.