2.53 on Windows 7

I just got Windows 7, 32 bit. I have the drivers for one of my machines. i am planning to update from Vista to 7. Hoping to run the latest 2.53 builds.

For all of you using Windows 7 and 2.53, any tip? Something weird should I know before formatting and start this process? Does Python install with no problems?

Any tip is greatly appreciated:D:D

Just to say that I’m not planning to have a go with Windows 7, but maybe Linux. Just don’t know which Linux is better for compatibility issues with Windows programs such as Office.

I run Windows 7 64bit, I’ve never had any issues at all. Just a better experience than I had with Vista!

Thanks ! that what i wanted to hear…I haven’t found even one person worldwide saying that vista is good.:rolleyes: