2.53 Particles hair timing: when have they added this?

This is a neat addition, was I distracted or they added it just lately?
Right now I’ve tried it only in the view port and it works smooth. Would be even better if this would be available with Object or Groups and not only when Path is selected. But that’s a great addition for now.

I don’t understand. Where? What? I wanna know if I’m missing something. :slight_smile:

In the bottom-right corner, the Absolute Path Time, I don’t remember that before:


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Ooooo nice. Thanks. I hadn’t seen that either.

so, some shots to what it does ???

I had no idea this existed either. Looks nice.

It defines how much time you have until you go bald :evilgrin:

Jk, I have no idea what it does xP

It basically allows to animate the growth of the hair, maybe something one can do animating the normal too. Something like the Path Animation panel we’ve now with the curves…
But with the start field it’s possible to offset the hair starting animation point.

It was already in alpha releases.
You should play with Particle Instance Position.

Why? Don’t just say we should without explaining what you know.

Sorry, I answered to phoenixart who talked about Object visualization.

Particle Instance modifier is something that everybody should give a try.
It acts like an array modifier creating an instance of the mesh on every particle.
Paths of Hair Particles acts like a curve modifier on each instance.

This technique was used in Big Buck Bunny to create Bird’s feathers.
Take look at bird.blend from BBB production.