2.53 script window not working

i cannot past text in window with Ctrl-V !

anybody has seen this problem bug ?

i’m on vista 32 bits

any enw version without this bug ?

or is there a way to load script or paste text for scripts?


It works ok for me on a mac
Does the Edit / Paste menu item work ?

it’s a file i created thsi night
and this specific file seems not to work !

wish i could upload it here but i cannot

and still having some problems with internet this week

i’ll try to upload later if it can works and give URL !


download from there and see if you can past code into text editor
i don’t remember doing anything special to it just the normal usual things
but something is stopping the past command !


You need to create a new text data block before you can paste into it.

ok never seen this state before!

can you explain what you mean by text data block?

most of the time i copy text from a py file then simply Ctrl-V it inside the Text editor and it works fine
Ctrl a to clear then Ctrl B to paste back into text editor ?