2.53 VSE browse workflow

Just noticed that you can copy-paste between scenes now. So I have loaded all my camera tapes into individual scenes, and made a master cut sequence scene.

Then I use Outliner to switch between camera tapes/scenes, I scrub through to the right shot and cut the clip where I want. Then I copy to clipboard, move back to master sequence and paste the selected clip.

I really wish there was a add marker key comand, like the old days. Its really anoying having to stop and menu for a simple function like that.


The shortcut M only works in the timeline window for me, if this is the same for you, file a bug report. In 2.5x you can add shortcut by right clicking on a menu item and choose add shortcut, then hover over the field that pops up and press a key combo.

edit: thanks for the workflow!

Wow! :slight_smile:
This is a pretty original workflow to say the least! Didn’t know that cut&paste was possible.
I will give it a go and see how it works for me.
Adding markers with M works on my system too but only when hovering the time line as sim88 noted above. In the VSE window M is reserved for making metastrips.

Thanx for sharing.

I forgot to mention that the right window is a floating duplicate.