2.54 Automatic bone weighting


Is there any way to get all the bones in an armature to do automatic bone weighting at the same time.

At the moment there doesn’t seem to be any obvious way to do them except by clicking on each and assigning one at a time.

I thought you just have to select you mesh then shift + RMB or LMB and choose your armature (both in object mode)
then Ctrl P and choose automatic bone weight
then all bone will have automatic bone weighting.

Ctrl-P is assigned for parenting, at least by default.

tmctree : If you select all the bones in pose mode, and then hop over to the mesh
in weight paint mode and hit W ( at least by default ) it heat-weights all of them at once.

Hope that helps.

Mikhal you are my new favourite person!

Surely though you should be able to select multiple bones in weight paint mode and pressing the A key should select them all. The current method is not obvious.