2.54 beta: How to make shadeless textures show as shadeless in 3d view? (Resolved)

Hi, I’m using Blender 2.54 beta official release, issue also present in recent build r32529 from graphicall. Windows Vista 32 bit.

I’m trying to get my material to show as shadeless in the 3d view. I have viewport shading set to textured (only 3 options available… wireframe, solid and textured).

I’m using vertex colours, the shadeless option is toggled on. In a render and in the game engine, the material renders as shadeless, but in the 3d view the half of my object that points away from my light source is black.

Is this expected behaviour, do I have to select another option or is this a bug that I should report?

The only way that I can accomplish this is by enabling GLSL shading in the 3D view. You can enable it in the Properties panel (press n in the 3d view to toggle the panel). It’s in the Display->Shading option. I’m using Linux with Ati’s driver so this may not apply for you but it’s worth a try.

Thanks a lot, JDep. :slight_smile:

In the Blender 2.4x series the viewport shading options were all in the same list as solid/wireframe/textured. I was wondering where “multitexture” and “texture face” had gone too.

“Display” is the obvious place to look for this, but I never knew it was there. lol

The new Blender interface is a lot more sensible than the old one, but changes always lead to confusion. Thanks for clearing this up. :smiley: