2.54 FBX Export problems with animation

Hello all!

I am new to Blender and have started out with the 2.5 line. I’m using Blender to create a few low poly, animated models for a game via M$ XNA framework.

I am having a hard time getting animated models into the framework. If I exclude animation data my models import through the pipeline correctly, texture mapping and all.

If I include animation data the models are horribly askew…they look like they’ve been hit by an 18 wheeler. They are moving (twitching), but it just makes the massacre worse.

Has anyone had any success with the FBX exporter with animations in blender 2.5? Or more specifically with the XNA pipeline?

I also tried using the .X exporter but I can’t get my animations to work at all via that route.

I attempted to export to Collada and then use FBXConverter from Autodesk to create an FBX file from the DAE. This seemed promising at first as the animation exports and converts perfectly…but I loose my material and texture mapping with this route every time :frowning:

Any advice from you more seasoned blenderers?

FBX with Animation -> 3DS Max (design) 2011 causes Max to crash. I’ve sent Campbell (Ideasman42) a message regarding this today, not sure of proper reporting procedure, if this is for the bug tracker or not. But, there is definitely something yet to be fixed there, I’m assuming.

Have you used the latest stable version of blender (2.49b)

Using blender 2.5x exporting for xna.

The fbx export works well for models that are not going to be animated (skinned.)
For skinned models use .x format. You need to download the version from

Or, in blender:
Open user prefs.
In addons, Import/Export click the little twistey to the top left of the DirectX format entry.
Click on the “Link to the Wiki” button.
The updated version is there as well as a link to the creators website.

I’ve gotten this to work well.