2.55 knife

In 2.4x there was possible to cut some mesh with knife.
I mean not free line, but LINE cutting - knife>exact.
It was wery useful to cut some group of UV textured meshes in this way. Floor/wall tiles, for example.
I understand, that everyone waiting for b-mash, but what if b-mesh come to blender after 5, 6 or 12 month?
Is there some way to cut meshes with line? I mean not LoopCut, but something like knife, where I can enter start and the end points.
Thank U.

Hold down the K key while dragging with LMB. At the bottom of the tool shelf (T) are the options (or F6)
You may need a recent build for the knife functions to work correctly.

Note too that it only cuts selected edges.

Why do U guys don’t reading everything?
I was write about possibility of cutting with knife by line by ENTERING START AND END POINTS!
Sorry for my bed humor, but its very strange - so important option was broken!

This is the difference of FREE line and LINE cutting in 2.55 and 2.49:

It is under construction, after all 2.5 is Beta:


Mesh Editing

  • Knife & loopcut
  • Knifecut midpoints
  • Knife tool straight cut by pressing MMB.
  • Knifecut snap to vertices.
  • Knife/loop cut need to work properly with operator properties/redo
  • Loopcut - Can’t set Smooth value by pressing S while selecting the cut. Can`t switch between Percentage slide and Non Prop Lenght slide by pressing P neither press F in Non Prop Lenght slide to flip control side.
  • Restore Quad Corner Cut Methods (Innervert, Fan and Path) for Subdivisions and Knifecut


As pointed out you might be lucky with the latest svn build.

Thank U. Hope, knife in 2.6 will be better than in 2.49

Any news about knife? Or it’s forgotten? Please - we need possibility to cut with line - not freeline! By entering only 2 (start and end) points.

Im afraid it’s still not in the latest SVN, as of build r34480 anyway

The Fake Knife add-on has been in a trunk+external addons build for a long time on Graphicall.

A link to a Windows 32bit build:

Video of Fake Knife in action: