2.57.1 merger First (1), Last (2), or Center (3). ???


Merge (AltM)Merges selected vertices. A popup menu asks for a center to merge to. Use the menu number selector to quickly select, for example First (1), Last (2), or Center (3).
Blender 2.57.1 has center “1” curser “2” collapse “3”.

How do I get vertice A to stay still ,and vertice B to merge “move” to vertice A ???


Just to make sure:
you selected two vertices, pressed Alt+M and didn’t get the options to merge to the first or last selected?
That should be there.
Are you using an official version or trunk build?
I remember some past bmesh builds to handle merge differently.

correct JOSEF

my verassion reads 2.57.1 not 2.57.b
guess that’s it

followed links from blender most have got lost
url to b ?


Downloaded from here windows 64 bit & 32 bit

zips reads 2.57.b
about reads 2.57.1
both center “1” curser “2” collapse “3”.

can we snap the curser to a vertice ?

Even the latest builds have the options of at first, at last, at center, at cursor, collapse, as all the previous versions before, but the builds I use are from graphicall.org so the options go like this:

  1. at first
  2. at last
  3. at center
  4. at cursor
  5. collapse

The first two options work on selection order meaning two selected verticies will either be welded at the first one selected or the last one selected. Center will be at a point between two or more verticies, at cursor will be at the 3D cursor and collapse will collapse the object.

You will only get three options in the Alt-M option if you have an object that you go straight into edit mode with and have all verticies selected, or select all verticies in an object or select verticies in a way that does not respect a selection order such as lasso select and box selecting. You will only be presented with the first and last options if you select an individual vertex first or all verticies individually.

im using “c” seleting 2 vertices one at a time but alt m only getting center “1” curser “2” collapse “3”.

Just select the vertices one at a time with RMB before hitting ALT-M.

How is Blender supposed to determine which vertex is ‘first’ or ‘last’ if they’re both selected at the same time?

im using “c” seleting 2 vertices one at a time but alt m only getting center “1” curser “2” collapse “3”.

Sounds like you are edge selection mode or have no vertices selected. You need to be in vertex mode to get the other options.

First and Last selected vertex. The order you select vertices matters

im using “c” seleting 2 vertices one at a time but alt m only getting center “1” curser “2” collapse “3”.
In Blender, circle and box select are modal selection modes. The selection order is irrelevant here because once the mode exits, as far as Blender is concerned, it’s as if the selections were made at the same time.

Is it really that hard for you to select two vertices individually?..:confused::wink:

@Richard Marklew - Me thinks somebody misunderstood my post…Context, dear boy…Context…:p:D