2.57 - Customising Toolshelf?

I read on the wiki that the Toolshelf is easily customisable with Python. Where’s the code? I would like to remove the Transform panel (Translate/Rotate/Scale) which I think is a waste of space. Same for the Grease Pencil, I never use it.

Ha, I’m getting good at this! Before anyone can reply I have the solution. :smiley: Here’s how it’s done (on Ubuntu): open YourBlenderFolder/2.57/scripts/startup/bl_ui/space_view3d_toolbar.py. Then you simply comment out the lines calling the functions or operators you want to remove. To remove Grease Pencil, I commented out all “draw_gpencil_tools(context, layout)” lines. To get rid of Translate, I commented out each “col.operator(“transform.translate”)”. And so on, for anything you don’t want in there. Sweet!