2.57 - How to add a sphere with 12 segments?

In 2.49, you add a sphere and get to choose the number of segments. In 2.57, you get no options, just a 32 segment sphere. I guess for changing the number of segments upward you subdivide, but what do you do for lower numbers?

Look at the bottom of the toolshelf or press F6 when you add an object

Thanks a lot, Richard. Could you say why it isn’t in the toolshelf (but F6 works)? I’m confused about why options sometimes appear in the Toolshelf and other times not.

Maybe because, now, the interface is “efficient” “ergonomic” “user-friendly” and stuff; and the old one it was a mess!
Yes, I don’t like the new one!

Sorry, OTO, but I wasn’t complaining. It’s just that I read often tool options will appear in the shelf, but they don’t. I wonder if there’s a preference setting I’m missing, can’t find any that fits.

Never mind, got it. At some point I had hidden the tool options panel to make more vertical space by dragging the separator all the way down. To bring it back, you click the little circled plus sign at the bottom right of the 3D View.

Please, complain!
That “little circle” in the middle of 3D view is really a weird solution!