2.57 huge disappointment

I downloaded and installed 2.57 a few days a go. I tried my blend in it. With 2.49 my blend starts out at 30 FPS I was thinking 2.57 would start out at 60FPS from what i have heard
it did not start off anywhere near 60 FPS in fact it started at, get this 0.517 What’s that like half a FPS Your thinking scripts from 2.49 right? I then tried the default cube added logic bricks so the cube would rotate. The framerate showed 60FPS but the cube was lagging as it rotated. I tried another small blend that i have without scripts and it was working at about 7 FPS It’s so damn slow not worth the effort to learn that new interface ( Which is way too dark) I am running win xp pro Nvidia Geforce 8400 card


The 2.5 interface, which has been around for over a year, is too dark for my liking also. It took me a few minutes to get it looking a way I’m comfortable with.

With all due respect… the rest of your post is… not… uh… meaningful.

Yeah I won’t touch 2.5, I am happy with my stable version of 2.49B.

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I am saying when i try to run a blend with or without 2.49 scripts the framerate is so slow that i can’t use it. I was expecting so much more in speed and i hope that i am doing something wrong because it probably has a lot of new tools for the game engine. right now i can’t use it until i find the problem assuming there is a problem


Sounds like your computer is what’s causing the disappointment. Don’t try to pin the blame on a much-optimized and much more functional version of Blender.

When there have been reports of graphic glitches vs 2.49 (what you describe sounds like a graphic card issue), these are generally solved by updating graphic card drivers and/or trying the different draw methods in the user preferences / System panel

blender 2.5x is way faster than 2.49 in every aspect, I made some tests on it, and In all of them it runs better than 2.49 about 20x faster somethimes

For 60 bucks you can probably quadruple the performance you’re getting from a graphics card that cost you 200 bucks two years ago.

In my personal opinion, this is a bad idea - basically, everyone will move to 2.57 (most people have started, I’d think). Eventually, you’ll move, too, as the new features / bug fixes will only come out for 2.57 / 2.6, so why wait until the last minute? In just a few days, you can be using 2.57 proficiently. Also, it’s very much worth it to switch, as the interface is far better than 2.49. Just the ability to search for resources alone makes game development far easier, rather than having to scroll through possibly hundreds in the case of a large game.

P.S. It would be nice if we could get a Material explorer kind of feature, where you can arrange materials into folders and sort them around - that would be exceptionally useful for game design.

As to Digiman’s problem, be aware that the radar sensor has been broken when they updated Bullet - that causes a large slowdown, even on simple scenes. You can easily use a simple collision object set to Sensor to test for collisions instead.

As to Digiman’s problem, be aware that the radar sensor has been broken when they updated Bullet - that causes a large slowdown, even on simple scenes. You can easily use a simple collision object set to Sensor to test for collisions instead.

Yeah I suppose before we call the men in white coats we should consider that something such as this could be happening.

2.4x is past !

i use 2.5 since version 2.53. The GameEngine Performance is up to a third faster with one project i tried it.

The interface needs just a little time to be up to date what is where …

The Speed degreace might be another thing then blender. Probably you could need to actualise your card drivers.

i’d use 2.5 anyday.

Better environment, animation and modelling are great and the search tool is handy. It also looks better! -which suprisingly means a lot to me :o
my game runs faster in 2.5

digiman, as Richard Marklew mentioned, I highly suggest you update your graphics driver and try out the different Window Draw Methods.

This is turning into a big argument thread, which is so pointless because everyone has a different opinion. We all prefer certain versions, some people prefer windows, other macs, etc. So anyways I am out, not posting anymore here.

The 2.5+ is a beta and 2.49B is a official stable version.



Yeah, i did update my card driver and have a new graphics card i got about 6 months ago but the way system is, that was the best card that would fit, ( a computer guy did it) I also believe is using newer versions of Blender though i am comfortable with 2.49 It might be that 2.57 won’t work properly on my computer As far as blame, i am not blaming Blender just telling how it works. On my computer it’s 50 times slower, it’s so slow it stands still . If i can’t fix this I guess i am with fayt 2.49 for me until i get a new computer. Big Deal I like 2.49


Well, As I said, I made tests, and I post some here on this same forum, the problem isnt is because of some code that is running in a wrong way on the new blender s version? or something like that, have you checked the console while running your projects on both versions? maybe is something there. Its really weird that this is happening, but I have a question what kind of processor you use its a dual or quad or octa core? or a simple core?
The new blender s version is quicker with mulitple threads, but i think even if you have a core it suposed to working a little faster.
I know that the new blender dont work well with old armature animations, so maybe if you have any that was sucessifuly imported from the 2.49 to 2.5x maybe those animations are making that.

Actually 2.57 is the new official stable version.