2.57 Layer Keys Totally Whacky

so, I go: add object>>add single keyframe for layer>>skip ahead 10 frames>>move object to layer 2, and as soon as I try to move it, I get snapped back to the previous keyframe. I am getting mixed results though, so I am not sure if it’s something I am doing, or a bug.
(edit) oh yeah and I am ending up with objects that are on multiple layers at the same time.

I can’t reproduce your problem, when I select an object, I can create a keyframe for the layers the object is on (in object tab) then if I change the current frame, I can move the object on some different layers and create a keyframe again, there is no problem for me.

I’ll download the most recent build and see if it’s something they fixed.
(edit) I found a workaround. If I go ahead a few frames, then add a keyframe without changing anything, I can then overwrite that keyframe without it snapping backward 10 frames to the last keyframe. Kind of a pain, but at least it achieves the desired result.

Modron: this post from aligorith might be related; I don’t think I understand what the problem you’re experiencing is exactly, but just in case:

well, that explains part of the problem. it doesn’t mention about the frame snapping behavior though. very informative however. thanks for the link.

For my part, I’ve found that whether I’m moving forward or backward in time, or whether I’m just scrubbing around, influences how layer keyframes behave. After aligorith’s blog post I’ve stopped using them entirely, however, since there’s no knowing how these things will behave in later builds…