2.57 question: no cancel on mouse move--possible?

Is there an option to make things like pulldown menus, color picker, etc. stay open when clicked until an option is selected or the esc key is clicked (that is, regardless of mouse movement)? This would really help me, because I’m not very precise with my hands and I find myself having to re-open menus often. Thx

Another question just popped into my mind. Is there a way to make colors in text fields behave as they would in blender (that is, inverting when they are highlighted)? I’m using a maximally minimal (lol) bi-color theme and currently, with “text” set to black and “text selected” set to white, the text turns white highlighted in black when I select it, but then the black highlight disappears when I start typing, and I can’t see what I’m typing, as the field is white.