2.57 rigid body glitch?

Okay so I’m playing around with 2.57’s rigid body physics. In the previous versions the physics seemed to not have a problem but this version… ya know.

Anyways, when ever I make a rigid body structure (E.G.- a building made out of multiple meshes with rigid body body physics enabled) and run the game engine the building just wiggles itself to destruction. I built and rebuilt multiple buildings and objects, and they all seem to have the same problem. I thought I was doing something wrong so I went and looked at some tutorials and followed them exactly and the problem persists. I also downloaded a .blend file with a structure already built (built in 2.5xb, opened with 2.57a) and it wiggled itself to destruction.

I made sure the buildings were 100% proportionate so there was no unbalanced weight. I’ve messed with the dampening, mass, radius, form factor, everything that comes with the rigid body physics. The ONLY thing that works is when I lock the rotation of the objects but I clearly don’t want to do that.

So for a little more background as to what I’m trying to do, I’m trying to build a building using multiple meshes and have it explode just to test out the bullet physics. It’s quite pointless if the building is already unstable. Thanks for your help in advance.

I’m going to bump this if I can. Still messing with the settings.

There have been some subtle changes in Bullet physics that have found their way to 2.57 (maybe 2.56 or earlier as well). As well as experimenting with collision boundary clearances, damping, tensor, the difference between primitive boundaries and convex hull and triangle mesh etc… and radii settings… experiment with application of scale if you have resized an object since creation.

Can you create a few basic scenes that work fine in a previous version of Blender (please report version) and obviously show the problem in Blender 2.57b?

Then, file this as an issue in the Blender bug tracker (requires login) and attach a few small .blend files that show the problem.