2.57 Undo has poor performance through network.

Hi All,

Just reporting this experience with Blender 2.57.

I am working at a client site using their hardware and network. Files for specific projects are required to remain on certain hard drives that are shared through out the network.

So I have a fast local machine, but it needs to connect through the network to open a file. The network is pretty fast and I can see all my linked image assets displayed in Blender just fine.

HOWEVER, whenever I issue an undo command, there is a significant wait and I get a spinning beachball on OSX 10.5.8 while Blender processes the undo.

My guess is that Blender is fetching or storing some kind of undo file on the network drive instead of the local drive, which would give better performance.

I can understand the concept of keeping the undo file in the same location as the project BLEND file, but in this case, poor performance is the result.

I am wondering if it would be possible to change the way this works so undo through the network is not so slow?

That’s a bit odd. Blender does use the same process as file read/writes to maintain its undo stack, but I was under the impression that it kept that in RAM while the file was open.

Is the Temp directory that you’re using for Blender also on the network? If it is, try setting that to the local drive and see if your performance is improved.

My temp directory says “/tmp/”.

I’m not sure what that means on a Mac?

Does that mean create a tmp folder where the project is, where the app is, or just in the root of the drive?

Unless you’ve mounted it elsewhere, /tmp should be at the root of your drive. You should be able to see the contents there by typing

ls /tmp

at the terminal.

Ok, so I guess we can rule out the tmp directory being the culprit.

I also notice the same exact performance drop when I switch layers on and off.

I am beginning to suspect that it has something to do with GLSL viewport items being fetch from across the network. This is my first GLSL viewport project and there is a significant delay when turning layers on or off that have alpha mapped images on those layers.