2.57b and Quicktime

does 2.57b not render Quicktime as an output? I looked at the list of output options and quicktime doesn’t seem to be there. What am I missing?

you left out the most important information in your post…

and that would be…?

Do you have Quicktime installed on your machine to begin with? The computer at work doesn’t have it, and this one doesn’t, and I don’t see it in my installations. One machine at work DOES have quicktime, and I have been able to render to it from that one, though it was 2.49, so I am wondering if this is the dependency.

yes, quicktime is installed on my machine.

well that seems to answer the question. Thanks Mr. Jones.

Hey, you linked to me for the answer! Yeah, what I did instead was download the 32-bit, I didn’t notice a big advantage with the 64-bit, and I use quicktime a bunch, so it worked better for me.