2.57b Debug Property on linked object not updating

Hi, does anyone else have this problem?

When l link an object form another blend, and turn on display debug information in the base blend, the debug information of the properties from the linked object somehow won´t update when running the GE (even though internally they seem to change).

They are shown, but not updated…

When i start the external blend alone, all properties are shown and updated correctly.


Am i the only one having that problem? Or is it a ‘bug’ ?
If it´s only me, please tell me how i can make it work, i need it.

Try using the print function instead of showing the Debug Properties, if you know Python. Otherwise, I don’t know what the problem could be - perhaps you should submit a bug report.

yes, printing works, i already did that to test, whether the properties are updated, but it would be more convenient to not need to insert a print() everywhere :-P.
I´ll try to figure out, how to submit a bug report.

I don’t think it’s a bug. What do you mean by “link”? It might be something I don’t know about but I’m thinking that if you have appended an object from another scene that once it is safely in your scene it will be like any other game object (?).

@Equip - I think he meant objects that were not appended, but were linked, like an external library that has objects or characters, which he links into his main game scene. It’s linked, so removing the source blend files will affect the game scene (it wouldn’t if the files were appended).

If you link an object (cyan mesh) it should show the changing properties in debug.

If you link a group and you created a group instance (dark orange mesh) you get a copy of the group’s objects. But the debug shows you the properties from the original objects which are inactive in your scene. This is similar to addObject.

It is the same in 2.49.

I hope it helps