2.57b not so stable for me hey that rhymes

hey … i’m getting an error that i have gotten on previous builds as well… but now its getting so frequent that it’s really impossible to use the current release.

what happens is essentially that my computer freezes… first i thought it was a complete hard freeze… numlock not responding … but i was able to open up the taskmanager and thats when the system recovered, saying that my display driver had been frozen and was now recovered. blender however does not recover and i have to force it to shutdown and restart it.

this happens after about 15-45 minutes of using blender and i have lost alot of progress because of this.

i have searched for a thread about this but it seems nobody else has reported this… either that or i haven’t searched hard enough.

i’m running the 64bit version on a freshly installed win7 64
phenomx6 3.3ghz
8 gigs of ddr3
and a radeon 6950

another thing i noticed is that when using multires and going back a layer, my model seems to get distorted in strange ways… its not too bad and can be fixed by using the smooth brush… but then that breaks it on the other layers.


EDIT: oh and yet another thing just came to mind.
when adding more than 1 lamp, only the first seems to actually emit light.

If you are using a fresh install of windows I’d suspect that your graphics drivers would be way out of date. Go the manufacturers or ATis website and download and install the very latest drivers (don’t do an auto update in windows you won’t get the latest)
Graphics glitches like distortions are 99% graphic card drivers.

well i did have a driver on my hd that i used before the reinstallation of windows which i downloaded about a month ago… there might be a newer one tho so i’ll give it a try to see if that fixes it.

Have started having the same problem last two or three days. Frequently Blender will freeze, the screen will go blank, I’ll get an error message saying the “Display Driver has stopped responding” and then something about it recovering. Blender crashes. Have not had this problem before. Blender 2.57b 64Bit Windows 7 64Bit ATI Radeon 5770 Latest graphics drivers. Diagnostic tests show nothing wrong with the graphics card, for what that’s worth.

the latest catalyst seems to have fixed the issue for me… been sculpting for a good 4 hours without any crashes.
i feel kinda stupid, usually its the first thing i try before i ask for help.
i haven’t gotten any distortions using multires either.
lamps are working fine too… problem solved!

I’ve since cleaned the computer’s registry, seems to be working now.