2.57b problem with Apply Location and To Sphere

I have found that when setting an object up, in object mode I select it and choose “Origin to Geometry” and the center snaps to the geometric center. When I then hit “Apply Location” the center snaps back to where it started from. I assume I am missing something, but this is not the behavior I am used to.

With attempts at using “To Sphere” with a plane in edit mode, following the same methods from all those years ago watching GreyBeard’s tutorials, I cannot get the command to perform in 3d space - it seems like it only happens in the plane the mesh plane is sitting in - even though I have placed the cursor at least a unit below the plane it sits in. I had used this feature before to make a volleyball just last year, now I am wondering if there is a default setting that needs to be turned off.

Thanks for any insight you might have!

I’m not sure what you’re actually hoping for the “apply location” to do but as far as I can remember it has always reset the origin to the origo of the scene.

The tosphere function in the edit mode is really weird if you work with planes at least but you might want to try the cast modifier with to sphere set instead.

Thanks, I was hoping to be able to reset my mesh object’s center and apply it to it’s current location - seems maybe I need to use Clear Location instead.

The To Sphere function in edit mode was very useful for creating curved surfaces from subdivided planes based on the distance from the cursor. Now it doesn’t work at all, only on a except for a subdivided cube that it pulls the verets inward to the center. Maybe that is where I need to look at changing my method.

You can reset the center. Either to mesh or 3d cursor or whatever. I might have misunderstood what you meant.

I remember the tosphere function working differently in 2.49. I haven’t used it in a while so I hadn’t bumped in to this problem but it doesn’t seem to be working as it should be in 2.5.