2.57b Strange Message Sensor/Actuator Bug

(by bug I mean my implementation, not Blender)

Attached is my .blend file.

In scene “Game” are RedCube and BlueCube. Eventually 2 players will be able to control them from across the network.

In scene “Menu” are two dummy objects representing RedCube and BlueCube. When you click on Red it should take you to scene “Game” and set the active camera to RedCam. When you click Blue it should do that for BlueCam.

To be more specific, when you click the blue dummy it fire two actuators: a ‘Scene’ set to change to “Game” and a ‘Message’ that sends a message to BlueCube. When BlueCube receives that message it sets the camera to BlueCam. Red does the same thing, but with a different message subject.

The problem is that whether you click the blue dummy or the red it always sets RedCam as the active camera.

I tried starting the game in scene “Game”, using the keyboard to send the messages. In there it worked perfectly. But starting in “Menu” it doesn’t work.


Hopefully I’ve made a silly mistake.


RVB.blend (488 KB)

Because you send both messages!

Can you figure out how to solve that, or do you want a tip ;)?


Oh I get it! Thanks Monster :slight_smile:
For those who don’t see the issue, I needed to attach both the Left Click and Mouse Over sensors to the same AND controller.