2.58 and looking down sights

hey, i cant figure out how to assign frames to the right mouse to do for example “right mouse = frames 0-5(ping pong)” if that makes any sense. i have frames 0-5 an animation changing only the location of my default gun model to the center of the screen, and it also changes the lens zoom in. but i cant figure out how to get them frames to play, the ipo actuator isnt there anymore and its really throwing me off. the blend file is included

first person engine.blend (1.89 MB)

I believe the IPO actuator is called F-curve in 2.5.

that works for th animation, but im noticing that it pretty much disables the mouselook

I have no idea, sorry.

this has been solved, somewhere along the way i deleted an actuator, but its fixed :smiley: