2.58 Custom Cursor

Can someone help me. I am no good at python and i need a custom cursor in my game. i am using 2.58. Any help is appreciated.:smiley:
Sorry i named the thread wrong. Yes i am using 2.58 not 2.48.hahaha.

You can change the name of your thread by editing the first post in advanced mode :D.

There is no build-in function to chagne the system cursor. You can just enable/disable it.
But you can make a GameObject appear at the position of the system cursor.

No. I am saying in game. realtime. game engine. Thanks for the help though. i need one like blendenzos 2.4X series one. Thanks though.
I mean no offense. Monster you are a great blenderer that is just not what i am looking for.

Thanks Monster. You did it again!