2.58a duplicate material not working?

When you have a material selected and you click the + to duplicate it, instead it is creating a new texture. Is this a bug in 2.58a or is there now some other way to do it? The tooltip still says that the selected texture should be duplicated.


The plus sign on the right side says to create a new material slot, and the one next to the material name says to add a new material. To duplicate a material, use the one on the right to creat e the slot, then hover over the icon on the left to browse the possible materials to choose for this slot.

This is the one I am referring to. When clicked, it should create a duplicate of the selected material. Instead it is creating a new material. 2.58a.

Yes, it creates the slot so that you can choose from any one of your materials in the scene. I haven’t had it create duplicates directly, instead it allows to choose a material that is already in use, then you can choose to make it a single user copy. This handling is the same way in the vert groups, UV layers, Textures, etc, in that you can create the empty slot first before choosing what to do with it.

Thanks, I understand how it is supposed to work. My point is that it is not working the way it is supposed to. When you click the + to the right of the list, it is supposed to create a duplicate of the selected material (per the tooltip). If no material exists, then a new slot is created.

I am sorry, I thought I understood. In my installation, my tool tip says: Add a new material slot or duplicate the selected one, and you are right, it does not. But if you have two material slots with separate materials, and have one highlighted, then the plus sign next to the material name creates a duplicate of the material. Maybe the tool tip is connected to the wrong plus sign?

My point is that it is not working the way it is supposed to.
The developers deliberately changed the functionality of adding a new material slot, somewhere about blender 2.57 so that it now works differently than in previous versions. If you want to copy a material just use the Copy/paste material selection below the +/- buttons

Couldn’ t it be a simple bug instead of a feature? There is an easy way to work arround this problem however the tooltip and the documentation don’t match the current behavior.

And if I generate a new slot, go back to the old material I can use the down arrow to copy the old material. But if I select the newly generated slot and try to paste the copied material via the down arrow nothing happens at all. BTW what would be the difference between “Copy Material to Others” and “Copy Material”?

The material slot add button’s help text incorrectly states that if a material slot is selected, then that material slot will be duplicated when the button is clicked.

Definitely a documentation bug.

I have to go to work, can someone else please fill out the bug report?

Richard, this is exactly what I was looking for. You’re correct that the functionality changed around 2.57, but what I didn’t know was whether or not this was an intentional change. Thanks!

I just reported it.

Campbell just fixed it :slight_smile: