2.58a no Unwrap?

K i have been gone from using Blender for quite a while and now i am back and juz installed 2.58a release… but i couldn’t find an unwrap feature… used to be ‘U’ to select which type of unwrap… now the only form of unwrap i see is projection mapping… which is not wat i want… help pls… am i missing some plugins or something?? :frowning:

I got 2.58a x64 for win.
edit mode > select geometry > press u > all uv-unwrap methods are there to select from popup in the default installation.

Goddammit! lol thanks mate… edit mode… zzzzzzzzzz… so much things to relearn… quite a hassle switching packages… >.<

Haha! I was wondering about you being in ‘edit mode’. :slight_smile: Glad it was that simple for you!