2.58a startup screen empty black blank fail

I cannot image no one else has this problem, especially new users.

2.58a (and 2.58) shows a blank screen on start up. The controls are available but nothing is visible inside the window.

My Setup
Windows 7 64-bit (or 32-bit)

My solution
Change Windows colour depth (colour setting) from 32 bit to 16 bit.

Thanks but running as Administrator does not fix the problem for me.

I was always running as an Administrator.

If you mean you’re logged in as an administrator, then that is something totally different to running the program as an administrator

Thanks but while that is not my understanding I had tried ‘Run as administrator’
right click on icon -> menu pops up -> select ‘Run as administrator’

I have also done a few tests logging on as a guest.

My problem has nothing to do with running as an administrator or logging on as an administrator. It has everything to do with the Windows colour setting. It works with the 16 bit setting and nothing is visible with the 32 bit setting.

So others with the same problem can try the same solution.