2.59 crashing


I downloaded the latest blender 2.59 (r39368)
This is the first release that I am getting constant crashes with a scene I created. Below is what I get within my terminal.

GPUTexture: negative refcount
GPUTexture: negative refcount
write exr tmp file, 1920x1080, /tmp/MP10.blend_Scene.exr
read exr tmp file: /tmp/MP10.blend_Scene.exr
Segmentation fault

Can anybody tell me if they are getting a similar issue or if it is just this scene that I am working with. I have tested it with older scenes and no crashes so far. But could anyone let me know what the above error means.

Thanks in advance.

I installed one add-on and then blender crashed. Now, when I’m trying to launch it, I can’t do it. While launching, in a black window bofore main interface appears, I read:
ndof: deadzone set to 0.10
found bundled python: G:…\python

and then blender crashes…

Can anyone help me with this? Thanks

That sounds normal, the crash must be something else. Try deleting or renaming the startup.blend

@Abidos: I dont think our 2 problems are related. Firstly we are using different builds (mine is linux 64bit and your is Windows 32bit). I have been working on other scenes with no problems so it was just then scene.