2.59 particles and logo disintegration

I am trying to make something like this in Blender:

I figured I need a few particle emitters per object. So I added one to my mesh, which was meant to create big chunks that were “peeling” off the mesh. Added fore field with turbulence to the scene create a chaotic flow of the particles.

Then I added second emitter to the same mesh, and particles from the second emitter were not affected by the force field in the scene.

Is it a bug?

Any tips on how such animation can be recreated in Blender?
How to make an object continuously emit particles, or rather emit them in bursts which are blown away by the wind?

Thank you!

this is not the support section
Try the decimate modifier + solidify modifier. you’ll need to play with the particle setting to get the effect you want
if this doesn’t work you’ll have to hand animate the big chunks
These sites have tutorials on how to create a similar effect

I would not post it here if I wouldn’t try the tutorials, would I ?

You are not reading what I am asking. I don’t even need decimate + solidify modifier as I can specify an object to be a particle with randomized size of it. I am asking totally different question.

my bad I meant the explode modifier not decimate
you’re welcome

Thanks, but that’s not exactly what I need.

Have you seen this tut? it might help

yes I did. I actually followed it :slight_smile: The issue is that when I add second emitter to the same mesh, it’s particles do not respond to the force field.

Not great but I didn’t spend too much time on it
one thing i forgot to add is heat distortion

That looks really good! How long did you spend on that?

about a half an hour to set up everything including baking the smoke simulation which was a couple of minutes (resolution: 50, high res: 1)
rendering took about an hour(I have a shit computer)

well just a quick test showed that 2 particle systems on 1 mesh works fine. don’t know which version you have, but i got the latest official release.

if that doesn’t work, try adding the force field to a group, and add the group under field weights in the particle systems.

Same here, but it doesn’t work :confused: Can you post your .blend please?

Nice, very convenient :stuck_out_tongue: I am wondering if there are comprehensive docs and examples for particle system in 2.59 ?

If you have your particles influenced by a particle texture, you can set a blend texture influence the time the particles emit. I think that that also includes if you add ramps to your blend texture (to mimic bursts). Although i’m not 100% sure it will work like i have in mind right now.

Sorry, I am not really understanding the workflow here :confused:

If you add a texture to your particle system (first setup your particle system or the option will not show), you can set the texture type to “blend”. Set the texture influence to “time”. This can get you an effect like something i made today: http://db.tt/s5t5XMeD . Blenderdiplom has a tutorial on that effect as well. Now, if you add ramps to your blend texture (under "color), and you have ramp “keys/markers” evenly added over the entire ramp (white, lighter grey, light grey, grey, dark grey, darker gre0y, black) and move some of those closer to each other, this will mimic bursts since the blend ramp is influencing the time your particles emit. I just tested it, and it somewhat works.

after you have the ramp as shown, move the markers closer to each other at random. Larger gaps will emit particles more slowly, smaller gaps will give more of a “burst” effect. The logic behind it is that the begin time of your particles emitting is represented by one end of your blend ramp and the end time is represented by the other. Then there is everything in between, that when shifted, will cause an uneven emission, thus bursts. See zipfile: burst.zip (709 KB)

PS: you can also go for an other texture type than “blend”. It’s the ramp that makes it work. Maybe “cloud” or “noise” or “voronoi” fit your need better.

Thanks, I will try it. Btw, cool video you got there :slight_smile:

Thanks & good luck. Post your final result, i’m curious and if i don’t forget, i’ll surely come back to check it out.