2.5a0 - can't change my font

Anyone know why I can’t change my font in the 64bit build of 2.5a0?

Getting to be quite a problem for me (dislike having to go to 2.49 to do any text in a font that is closer to what I want.

The font selection is just grayed out and I can’t do anything to get it to work, I’ve gone into the sys prefs and pointed the fonts folder to the windows fonts folder, but that didn’t help.

Any input would be appreciated, thx.

anyone experience this or am I the only one?

It does not work yet.

don’t I feel a little foolish :frowning:

I pulled down a recent build for windows and noticed that they have added a browse button. And I can browse my drive tree but when I get to the actual fonts folder. Blender just hangs, like it is reviewing the fonts, but never resolves. I can cancel out of this.

I’m not sure if I should report this as a but?

Does this work on Linux or a Mac?

I tried version 26631 from www.graphicall.org.