2.5alpha2 vs 2.49

hey i haven’t been able to use blender lately so i feel a little blown in the dust, but i noticed they have released 2.5alpha and i was wondering if i SHOULD be using this or my old school 2.49. i guess what i’m saying is will my future work be drastically effected based on which one i’m using,
thanks! it is still in alpha after all which makes me skeptical, or should i just ignore the “alpha” tag

I should go with the alpha, it’s quite stable (the beta will be out soon btw), but download a build from graphicall since the builds from blender.org are quite old…

ditch the 2.4 if you do not use special scripts or render exporters.

the 2.5 interface and workflow is lightyears ahead of 2.4.

I now hate 2.4. I never want to go back and use it. Terrible …

Plus as mentioned 2.5 is quite stable now.

I use 2.49 and sometimes 2.5 and I dont look big differences.
2.49 has better gui, but 2.5 good too. :slight_smile:
And of course I use both for serious works. :slight_smile:

U think 2.5 has a better Interface? For real?
If 2.4 is just what your current workflow and pipeline is based on it propably
feels just known and comfortbale to you. Was the same to me.

The only thing I miss from 2.4 is the preview window and the ability to have
floating taps for object properties.

But on the other side the UI in 2.5 is more organized and the workflow much
more efficient. Just the material/texture generator is now finally logical.

I think 2.49 vs. your mom is the bigger challenge

I kid of course, but c’mon, this will be moot in a year. just use 2.5and love it :slight_smile:

I’m still a fan of 2.49a - it is my “2.49a is the new 2.50”.

i’m still using 2.45 optimized build by mpan -thanks mike :)- sometimes jump to 2.49b for scripts function or 2.5x for rendering speed…

Is texture baking back in 2.5 yet? Thats the big one Ive been waiting for.

Until thats ready, 2.49 does what I need it to and is rock solid. I also havent run across any forward compatibility issues with the files Ive tested, so Im not really in any hurry to upgrade. On the other hand, the render improvements and painting tools are looking pretty tempting these days.

texture baking is back since a long time.

even works with the new GI system.

yes, but displacement is borked… in fact it seems that anything using a 32 bit texture and baking is borked…

some things work (normals, 8bit per channel textures, but milage may vary!
I still have to use 2.49 for my baking…

My advice ,
work with 2.49, play with 2.5

I have the fear of learning 2.5 only to find that it ends up getting scrapped and never completed, then have to relearn again from 2.49b which I’m studying right now.

How long has 2.5 been in production now?

2.5 is not in danger of being abandoned. Development has been going on for some time, but the main push started about one year ago.

use both.

start with 2.5 , when u need somethng from 2.49 use 2.49.

then go back to 2.5

but keep back ups of your project ,just in case.

I really dont know why you guys tell him to to gack to 2.49 while 2,5 is already so much advanced
and usable now.

He is not using it for work as it sounds and thus is genuinely interested in 3d.
I am sure 25 will serve him perfectly.

2.5 is development build. It is buggy and the interface is so much different than older releases. If you worked with 2.49, stay with it.
2.49b is the best Blender release in my opinion.

I wouldn’t worry about that, many of us have been bitten by the 2.5 bug and now pretty much refuse to go back to 2.4 (except for maybe some BGE-related work).

Compared to the render25 branch, I just can’t imagine how I would live with 2.49’s raytracer since it renders at a snail’s pace compared to the render speed in that branch (could even make the 2.5 trunk rendering look a little slow as well)

There is the fact that some mesh tools are missing, but there’s a bevel addon and a knife tool addon that are bundled with some graphicall builds (the Bevel addon for example seems to be even better than 2.49’s bevel)

I’ve just been working mainly with 2.49b, and making some things with 2.5; although I am progressing over to 2.5. By the time the beta version comes out, I’ll probably be using 2.5 entirely. I still don’t get why they changed the key to add an object. I mean, the find tool is handy, and you can still add your cube or what not through it, but I think the spacebar was much easier.

Heh then don’t go hanging around the IRC rooms as many there refuse to change :confused: and i have been in untold number of arguments about this especially in UI area for some reason :spin: but on the other hand i hope you can come to the IRC rooms i really need a hand in helping people in there :yes:

I have the fear of learning 2.5 only to find that it ends up getting scrapped and never completed, then have to relearn again from 2.49b which I’m studying right now.
have you actually opened 2.5? or even looked at the release logs, 2.5 is the next evolution in the line, we have put way too much in to this and has been so widly accepted it will never be dropped :slight_smile: , in fact im actually surprised you said that :eek:

How long has 2.5 been in production now?
since the new year before BBB started

anyway i recommend using 2.5 as its the way forward, you may find a few things missing, but that can’t be helped at this moment, also all the major documentation contributers have all started teaching 2.5, so i would say use 2.5 primarily (i use it at work) but keep 2.49 handy just in case