2.5Beta 2.53.0 appended objects acting strange

I’ve been working with 2.5 for about two weeks now, and just tried appending an object from one file to another. The object shows up, but when I move it to a new position and scale it to match the existing objects in this blend file, as soon as I click “render”, the appended object reverts back to it’s original position, rotation and scale! I’ve noticed that under the “object” heading, in the “transform” area, all the location, rotation, scale boxes are yellow, even though they are gray for all other objects.

Does anyone know what’s going on here and how I can fix it?

Never mind, I found the problem…for anyone who looks in here because they’re having a similar problem. The object I was trying to append had animation key frames associated with it. Going into the NLA editor and deleting those keyframes solved the problem. Hope my screw-up helps someone else if they have the same problem :wink: