2.5D Fighting Game Animations (think Street Fighter 4 or Mortal Kombat)

I’m looking for someone who can animate

I Have 16 Characters

What I need is:

Walking Forward
Walking Backward
Forward Dash
Back Dash

Idles ( about 4 per character)
(idles being when character stays still for too long and they do a random animation)

Animations for each regular attack
(working on a High Mid Low system)
Standing attacks
Crouching Attacks
Jumping Attacks

Various Special attacks.

Send me a portfolio of some of your work. and a quote on how much you think it would cost for what Im asking for

It would be great if you could post / link some style reference.

If you could send me one (Human/ male) character I will animate him for you.
Once I’m done I will show you what I’ve animated in a video so we can talk about price.

I’m interested too, pm sent.