2.5D "Motion Comic"

Here is a 2.5D animation I created utilizing techniques taught here at PatDavid.net. It is from a Batman story from a short-lived magazine in 1993.

A lot of work there! :slight_smile:

Yeah, it was one of those little projects that started small and then I just kept adding little details to it. (My brother said this is called “project creep” in the business world). I definitely won’t do it again (unless I get paid) because doing 2.5D animations, although fun initially, quickly becomes tedious and unsatisfying. For me, it seems very silly and tame compared to building a real 3D model. But I’m happy I got it out of the way.

Appreciate the comment!

Holy crap. Really. Great work and result! This is a great validation of all the time I spent piecing that tutorial together! :slight_smile:

Thanks Pat. Your tutorial is linked to straight from the G’MIC options panel, and so it’s always easy to remember your contribution. So that was a huge help to me, and you laid out the steps very coherently. Thanks to you.