2.5D sidescroling programing help

well i have alot of things i dont know how to do. but first off how do i make my charecter face in the direction he last walked in? i have tried useing many other methods but they dont really seem to work when i do it XD lol if anyone could help it would be greatly needed a blend file of a 2.5d game would be great but i have yet to find one to reffrenc X3

Here’s a .blend.

You can use an empty and parent it to the main player object; the empty can turn to face the direction you want it. Animate the empty so that it has animations that turn left and right.

Also, give the player object a variable that keeps track of which direction the player is facing.

So, if you’re facing left and you press the “right” key, play the “turning right” F-curve animation and set the direction to “right”, and vice-versa.

Hope this is somewhat helpful to you :stuck_out_tongue:


face.blend (387 KB)

Yes!! thanks man this is exactly what i needed XD lol any ideah how to make your charecter walk when u press a left or right button and when u double click a left or right button make him dash?

oh also i have ran into a problem XD iam not useing a static object like an arrow or a box iam using an actually charecter tht has a standing animation and walking animation XD will i have to flip the animations so she walks left and right and faces left and right or can i use the hit box for turning X3 i just confused my self allitle there but basicaly what iam asking is how should i go about programing standing animations? i usually put an always controler and conect the standing animation to it but since this is a side scroller that wont work she will always face left XD

If you parent the armature to the empty that turns, you won’t have a problem with that because the armature will turn with the empty, so you only need one animation.

also, about double-tapping to run, this is a system with a python script (the logic bricks were a bloody mess :o). It uses a timer property to keep track of how fast the button was tapped.

Making a sidescroller is an art all by itself, so you might want to take a look in the WIP forum; I’ve seen 1-2 sidescroller templates that would be helpful :yes:


dash.blend (395 KB)

ok thank u X3 and i figured out the animation thing after i fooled with it allitle XD lol anyway thank you btw i noticed a flaw in your blend when u press the left buttion evry time u pres left he does his turning animation but when u press right he does his turning animation once but doesnt do it again (to put it simply the left one seems to work perfectly but the right one seems to be flawed XD just take a look and press left on your first blend file a few times and youll see what i mean XD

hmm thats strange on this dash.blend it doesnt do tht problem XD gusse i must have fooled with your first blend fille allitle while studying it by accedent XD

Heh, yah, I screwed it up on the first one, but fixed it on the second one :o

oh XD lol well no ones perfect XD laughs-