2.5x: are force fields working on cloth sim?

I can’t get a response. Are they supposed to work yet? I’m using a relatively recent build.

Yes, they are working in 2.54, in the attached .blend file I have a flag that is animated by wind field. The flag is pinned to a flagpole and a plane is off to one side acting as the wind, select each and look in the physics panel.



Flag2.5.blend (157 KB)

thanks revolt_randy
Seems the force scaling still needs work. 500 out of a max range of 1000 just to get a flag to move is way too high, not to mention the empty stretches to infinity almost.
Just gotta keep tell myself…“2.5 is still beta…2.5 is still beta…”

What about the force fields charge and Lennard-Jones?

What I’m trying to do is even out a flat mesh
so that the polygons (all quads) are roughly the same area.
It turns out that smoothing doesn’t do that:
it tries to smooth angles, but small quads get smaller and larger ones grow.
But a Lennard-Jones should get edges to about the same length, right?