2.5X Mirror Mod Madness

Using the mirror modifier in 2.49 was a piece of cake: make sure that all of the bits were in the right place, apply the modifier and bingo, you had a mirrored model perfectly aligned with your original.

I’m not able to get that result in 2.5, build 33434. Instead, the mirrored replica comes out overlapping the original, or at a distance from the original, and often cranked at an angle. I get a wrong result no matter what I do regarding the origin of the original, position of the 3D cursor, etc. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong so I’d be very grateful if someone could point me at a tutorial that explains how to properly use the mirror modifier in 2.5.

Have you tried a different build. As far as I can see using it, it’s just been like that from 2.49

Where on the modifier stack is it?

1st in Edit Mode make sure the loop that will be at the center of the mirrored object is really straight with pressing S -> then pressing X,Y or Z (depending on which axis you want to straighten the loop) then pressing 0 then ENTER

Now either leave the whole loop selected or select one of the vertices of that loop and then Mesh -> Snap -> Cursor to Selected (in 2.49b it was Mesh -> Snap -> Cursor-Selection).

Now back to Object Mode and Mesh -> Transform -> Origin To 3D Cursor, or click the Origin button in the left panel, then Origin to 3D Cursor (in 2.49b it was a click on the “Center Cursor” button)

You can now add a Mirror Modifier and it will mirror correctly as it should wtihout overlapping.

Thank you all for the suggestions. I’ll respond to them in order:
I’ll try a different build. I only use vanilla Trunk builds so that will be easy.
It’s the sole modifier applied at this stage.
I learned back in 2.49 that aligning the vertexes on the loop that would be the center of the mirrored object saves much grief (And some nasty lines on the final result.) Thank you for taking the time and trouble to create that excellent mini-tutorial. I found out about the subject the hard way, your tut would have saved me some grief.

Again, thank you all for your suggestions. I think that there must be something fundamentally wrong in the model and I’m not seeing it. I have removed doubles, recalculated the normals, etc., and no joy. So, I’m starting the thing from scratch. It isn’t as if I don’t need the practice! :yes:

you could post the blend file so that people could have a look at it. That way they could help you avoid doing the same mistake in the future

Morio, thanks for your reply. I did some digging and discovered that although the vertexes were properly aligned and everything looked square, Blender indicated that the model was rotated close to three degrees in Z. I didn’t know how to set rotation to zero at the time and so I just restarted the project. The good news is that it’s coming out better on this go and I just did a test of the Mirror Modifier and it came out perfectly. It never occurred to me before now that just a few degrees of rotation would throw the mirror mod off to the extent that it did.

EDIT: I just found out about the CTRL-A shortcut to apply the object’s rotation to its data. That probably would have helped as well.