2.6.2 Quits when I render animation, not stills!

I had this same issue with 2.61, but not with 2.60a.

my scene file is large…about 46 MB, and contains some proprietary contents, and the bug-killer people won’t help me without the file.

I am trying to narrow down the cause,and may have found it: turning off ray tracing allows the render of animation without quitting.

Does this provide enough clue about what’s up…what the cause of the problem is?

IF I render animation in the very same file in 2.60a, Blender does not quit.

thank you for any thoughts or suggestions.


i would say then render it in 2.60a :wink:

heh…yeah, that’s kinda where I am now, but I’m going to need features in 2.62 and onward…

does the ray tracing aspect of the quitting provide any clues about what the root cause of the quitting could be?

does it quit with the official blender build from 2.62 blender.org?

its kinda hard to say… without the files obviously…
i use the 64bit windows version 2.62 from blender.org and have rendered animations just fine…
not sure what the problems is… ??

yeah. just downloaded 262 from blender.org today.

I assume 64 bit, on a 64 bit-enabled Mac running OS X Lion.

i dont know anything about mac other than they are overpriced. :wink:

OK…thank you.

Anybody else?

Are you rendering to image sequence?

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yes, I am.

Are you running out of ram?

(also 46mb for a scene size itsnt that big… I am currently working on a 350mb file atm… and its handling it fine)

no, I got plenty of RAM headroom…I have 6 gigs…never come close to maxing it out. never an issue in 2.60a or prior…
I just establish it crashes also on a Mac Book Pro running snow leopard…

so…2 machines, 2 versions of OS X.

maybe if I look at those things needing ray tracing and start eliminating them?

Hm, sounds more efficient to do it the other way around - start from empty, add stuff until it goes wrong. If a render starts out OK… cancel it.
But it’s hard to say without knowing anything about the contents of the scene. What sorts of ray tracing-related features are used?

Have you tried the most recent graphicall builds to see if it’s maybe fixed already?

you’re probably right…guess easy enough to do with the camera icon next to each thing…

raytracing…for transparency, reflections and shadows… I could check the recent builds…

also check that your not missing any textures…