2.6 quick question

I have not tried 2.6 yet not sure if i need to, i am still using 2.49. i was wondering when a game is compiled in 2.6 does it still have console visible?


No, actually. It would seem that at some point, it was changed so that the console only is visible if the game window isn’t. On game start and exit, as well as if you close the current game and restart the executable in code, the console is visible, but during gameplay, it’s not visible.

I would personally really like if console output would be output to a text file so that we can analyze problems that appear with our scripts…

Maybe you could do that when running with a shell command. You can redirect the console output to a file.


myGame.exe > myGame.log

Rediect the standard output (sys.stdout) to file via Python.


I’m all for a cross-platform solution - I’ll see about redirecting the console output to a file. Man, you can do EVERYTHING with Python! :smiley: