2.62 and 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator - Can Axes be Inverted?

I’m new to Blender (2 weeks ago) and have started using my SpaceNavigator with it (I have used it until now only with Google SketchUp). I am using Windows 7 Pro SP1.

Blender responds to movement of the SpaceNavigator cap, but all movement is as if acting on the viewer, rather than the scene itself. For example, if I lift the cap up the scene moves down. Likewise, if I rotate the cap clockwise the scene rotates in the opposite direction. The same is true of zooming, when I move the cap away from me the scene comes closer. Panning (while pressing Shift) is also reversed.

Is there a way to invert all axes of the SpaceNavigator as interpreted by Blender? I have tried doing this in the 3DConnexion control panel app but Blender seems to ignore this. :frowning:

If there is not UI for this, is it possible by editing a Python script?


RESOLVED: I received an answer to this question from Tehrasha in the Blender.org forum.

Tehrasha pointed out that one of the buttons on the 3D mouse displays a settings menu with options to invert the axes.

This works for me. The only thing on my wish list now is to remove the need to hold down SHIFT for panning actions, as this breaks the smooth flying effect of the 3D mouse (it interrupts any rotation). It’s odd that zoom (forward / back) works regardless of SHIFT state.

You and everyone else. :slight_smile:
Getting full-free motion without using SHIFT is #1 on Mike’s to-do list.